How has Technology Changed the Way We Consume Sports?

How has Technology Changed the Way We Consume Sports?

From the development of lighter track shoes in the 1950s to the first photo-finish automated timing system unveiled in 1964, the sports world has always made use of new technology to enhance the performance of athletes and improve the experience of spectators. But while tech in sport is nothing new, recent advancements in digitalization have transformed the way we consume sports, including the way we view events, interpret stats and place wagers online – how exactly have new technologies affected our consumption of sports?  

More Access to Statistics and Figures

Whether you’re a football fan trying to keep up with progress of your favourite team, a fantasy sports manager looking for the best players or a punter seeking out up-to-date horse racing odds, it’s now easier than ever to access accurate figures and statistics related to your sport of choice. If you have an analytical mind, you could find that the utilization of big data in the sports world can enable you to delve deeper into crucial facts and figures than ever before, whether you’re a fan of Virgil Van Dijk’s performance on the pitch or Djokovic’s prowess on the tennis court.  

Increased Viewing Quality

While the growth of subscription-based streaming services has enabled sports fans to catch up with the latest events via their laptops, smart TVs or smartphones on demand, the overall quality of sports broadcasting has increased exponentially in recent years. With the advent of 4K ultra-HD TV and virtual assistant referee (VAR) tech, sports fans may now enjoy events in crisp high quality with countless camera angles to pick up all of the action.  

Increased Efficiency and Injury Management

As well as improving the experience of punters and spectators, technological advancements made in the big data, sports science, protective equipment, video projection and swing analysis sectors have enabled teams and organisations to better understand and treat injuries sustained by athletes. It’s also now easier for sports organisations to manage and maintain the optimal performance of their athletes for longer, potentially extending their careers.

High Quality Sports Video Games

Whereas the sports-based video games of the past may have relied on clunky graphics and predetermined statistics to gauge the value of players, advancements in tech have made video games more realistic than ever. Whether you’re playing as part of a fantasy sports league or just having a virtual kick-around with your friends on FIFA, you now have access to high-quality game content that provide an exciting experience that’s as close to the real thing as you can get.

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