7 Benefits of Netball to Kids

7 Benefits of Netball to Kids

The basis for a Netball court is 30.5 meters long and 15.25 meters wide. The longer sides are referred to as sidelines, while the shorter sides are referred to as goal lines. The court is split into three sections, one in the center and two in the wings. Two transverse lines parallel to the goal lines denote these sections.

Sports hall netball line markings can not be overemphasized, some halls have a jumble of lines on the floor in various colors. When seeing them all together, it is difficult to tell which court marks it is, particularly if you are new to sports like netball and badminton, where remaining within the lines is critical.

But do not worry, a line color guide to help you find your way around it.

Netball Colour

The Netball color is RED or any other color except Yellow.

When the game is in play, experienced Netball superstars will know to stay between the red lines. This is particularly important because players are only permitted in some areas of the game: Goal shooters are in the final third, Center, and all over except at the ends of the court, and so on. Unlike in other sports, such as basketball, you cannot shoot from anywhere else in the circle.

The same is true for the center throw, which occurs at the commencement of each quarter and following each goal, whereby every player has a starting spot on the court.

So, if you have not played in a while, or if the sports hall has court netball markings for a variety of sports, remember Red.

7 Benefits of Netball to Your kids

  • Help in body fitness and stamina improvement: Netball is a physically demanding sport in which participants must run all over the pitch, change directions, sprint, and jump. It rapidly allows students to build stamina and muscle development, significantly improving fitness levels.
  • Helps build concentration and team spirit in kids: It also improves concentration and teamwork, which are key attributes in all facets of life. 
  • It helps lessen stress and anxiety: Playing this sport can also allow kids to lessen anxiety and boost their emotional state after a long day of classroom instruction and obligations.
  • It helps with weight loss and combustion of calories: Netball is a great cardio exercise that is notably beneficial for weight loss and burning calories. Excellent in terms of core resilience.
  • The bright colors enhance kids’ participation in the game: Furthermore, the bright colors of the Netball line markings will encourage kids to participate in the games and other scheduled activities.
  • It helps kids to make new friends and bond more with old circles.
  • It boosts the confidence of introverts and aids them to speak to peers while playing the game.

A Standard Netball Court

A standard netball court dimensions are 30.5 meters x 15.5 meters, but you can pick your favorite netball court measurements. Netball line markings are compatible with the following surfaces:

  • Pavement
  • Tarmac 
  • Concrete blocks
  • Ceramic
  • And metal surfaces that meet BS EN 1436. (The European standard for road safety markings)

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