Ticketmaster Sport Launch New Payment Technologies 

Ticketmaster Sport Launch New Payment Technologies

For customers keen to use their mobile to pay for tickets, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Stored Billing are now fully available for all Ticketmaster Sport’s clients. 

With Stored Billing, any fan can store multiple credit cards on any device and use their card of choice at the point of purchase. In parallel, any mobile device enabled with Apple Pay and Google Pay can use those payment methods to purchase. As with Stored Billing, Apple Pay and Google Pay already have a fan’s payment details, so there is no need for them to fill everything out again, making the payment completely frictionless. 

Security is enhanced for fans, as real card details are never stored or transferred. Only the fan can authorise payment biometrically using fingerprint or facial recognition.

And with quicker payments, fans can skip the manual process of filling in card details and speed up their purchasing of tickets, with the whole process only taking seconds. 

“We have a constant focus on advancing our technology, with a key priority being the facilitation of ticket purchases for fans. In line with our commitment to providing the best flexible solutions for the ticketing industry, we are delighted to introduce Apple Pay and Google Pay as part of our latest offering.” 

Andy Lovatt, VP, Product, Ticketmaster Sport

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