Reddit Launches Polls, Providing Another Way for Redditors to Engage With Content

Reddit users will now be able to post polls in subreddits, providing another way to boost engagement on the platform. READ SOURCE

What I’m really watching: old Parky, ancient tennis and a tiger cowboy | Film

Last week, the BFI released a list of the films streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime. It’s terrific. It contains several movies I’ve always wanted to see (Adelheid, Images) and several I love...

Where to get your soapy fix when EastEnders goes off air | Television &...

The news that EastEnders and other BBC soaps (namely the hospital ones: Doctors, Casualty, Holby City) have paused filming may be little more than a footnote in the history books when we look...

Twitter Provides More Tweet Copy Tips via Its 'Good Copy, Bad Copy' Program

Twitter's Joe Wadlington provides some more great tweet copy wisdom in the latest 'Good Copy, Bad Copy' update. READ SOURCE

Twitter Says User Numbers Are Up Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns, But Warns of Revenue Impacts

Twitter says that more people are turning to the platform for news and information amid the coronavirus outbreak, but revenue is down as focus shifts to the impacts, READ SOURCE

Facebook Announces Free Assistance for Health Agencies Looking to Use Messenger to Communicate COVID-19...

Facebook will provide free services to health organizations in order to help them use Messenger to scale their response to the COVID-19 crisis. READ SOURCE

More Nations Are Looking to Use Cell Phone Data to Track the COVID-19 Outbreak,...

As COVID-19 outbreak continues to expand, could cell phone and mobile data tracking be the key to containment?  READ SOURCE

Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns, New Online Behavioral Shifts Are Beginning to Take Shape

With COVID-19 lockdowns taking hold across the world, we're seeing the emergence of new online trends, which may extend well beyond the crisis itself. READ SOURCE