Make Your Playground The Place To Play

Make Your Playground The Place To Play

Playgrounds are at the forefront of most children’s planning. Whether to play with their friends or just because they want to be outside, if you are a parent, you will know going to the park can be a highlight of your child’s day. 

However, not all playgrounds need to have jungle gyms or slides; they do not need all of the accessories to be fun. Sometimes, just some simple playground markers can give your child the space to play that they crave when wanting to be outside.

What is a Playground?

Most people believe that a playground is the same as a park, a large space where children can play and enjoy themselves. Somewhere outside and safe for children to explore and run off some energy. Where an argument can be made that all parks are playgrounds, not all playgrounds are parks.

A playground is more like you would find at a school or a childcare setting. This is a space outside, usually tarmac flooring, with some markers to give activities for children. However, some of these spaces can appear very basic, and children may not feel like they want to play; this is where playground markers will help. 

Playground markers may give more color to the playground or add some fun activities without the need for large equipment,. Having some football goals painted onto the ground or a hopscotch area can give children a way to play without needing a large climbing space that will need a risk assessment.

If you have a playground that needs a little bit of a lift without the added expense and stress of equipment, why not look into some markings? Give your children the ability to use their imagination and create new games and ways to play in a safe space.

What Works Best?

Deciding what would work best for your playground would depend on the age of the children you have and their abilities. Whether you just want playground markings to make your space look more colorful and appealing to children or you want to mark out spaces for different games, it would depend on the abilities of the children and what you have the space for.

If you look at preschoolers, you may be best with colorful markings, numbers, letters, and games that help with these learning skills. Give preschoolers a fun way to play and learn; add a small beanbag to your alphabet game, and the children can learn the letters they selected.

However, if you have a playground for older children, you may find games such as hopscotch and a marked area for football games to be a better option. Not only do these markings eliminate the need for goalposts to be in place, but they will also reduce how many risk assessments you would have to do for the space you have.


You may be looking to give your current playground a new lease of life or just starting up a daycare center and want to make the playground inviting for your students. You can save yourself time, money, and stress by getting some playground markings for your play area, and see how it can improve your space and encourage the children to play safely in new imaginative ways.

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