What Materials are the Best for Garage Storage?

What Materials are the Best for Garage Storage?

Garages are more than just space for your vehicle. Indeed, they have become a place where you can store everything from gardening tools to sports equipment. Most families have a lot of belongings, and utilizing the space in the garage is essential for staying organized and free from clutter.

If you want to make more use of the garage, you are going to need a good storage system. This should be appropriate for the garage since it is not as easy to control the temperature. Yes, it is sheltered. But, there is still a risk of moisture when the weather changes, which means that any old storage system will not do.

So, something you need to pay attention to when you are buying garage storage is the material the system is constructed from. This can ensure your belongings are secure and that the cabinets last a long time. Here are the best materials for garage storage.

The Best Materials for Garage Storage

When it comes to the garage, there are a few materials you want to stick to. This ensures strength and longevity. Let’s take a look at them.


First of all, most people agree that steel is a fantastic material for garage storage. The advantage lies in how strong this metal is. It is robust and durable, which is exactly what you want in the garage. It will be able to deal with heavy items you want to store, whether these are gardening tools or sports equipment. What’s more, there is no maintenance involved with steel, so there is little you have to do.

Something that you should pay attention to is the gauge of steel. This is going to tell you how thick it is. Indeed, the thicker the steel, the more durable and stronger it is going to be. But it can also be heavier in terms of moving around. For example, if you head to, you will see that NewAge garage cabinets are available in different gauges. The Pro Series offers 18-gauge steel, while the Bold Series is 24-gauge steel. Typically, the lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel is.


You will find that there are some garage storage systems made from aluminum. This is something that can lower the cost, which might suit you if you are on a budget. It provides a good level of strength but not as much as steel. In addition, it is not going to rust, which means that it can last a long time in the garage.

One positive and negative aspect of aluminum is that it is a lightweight metal. This means that it can be easier to assemble and move around. But, again, it does not have the same strength as steel. So, if you are storing many heavy items, you might be better off selecting steel.

Materials to Avoid

There are also some materials you should avoid using in your garage. This is down to the unpredictable temperature in this space, as well as weather changes. Often, these materials are chosen because of their price. But, sometimes, you get what you pay for. Here are some materials to stay clear of.


There are always going to be wooden cupboards and cabinets available. You might think that this is a cost-effective material to use in the garage. Indeed, you might choose to move cabinets you already have in the house and repurpose them in the garage. But, it can come with a bunch of problems. Remember that your garage is probably not climate-controlled. So, if you use a material like wood, this can be susceptible to moisture. It can end up rotting, mold can grow, and you could even have a problem with pests. It can seem like an affordable option at the time. But the issues are not worth it, and they simply will not last.


One material that many people consider is plastic. It is an affordable choice and it can seem like it has little problems. For example, it is not going to rot the way that wood does, and it is not going to be susceptible to issues like rust. Yes, in the way, there is going to be nothing wrong with plastic. But, the real issue with plastic is durability and strength. Simply, plastic is not a strong enough material for using the garage. Typically, you are going to be storing heavy items. Simply plastic cannot deal with this in the long term.

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