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4 Benefits of a Welock’s Smart Home Security System

4 Benefits of a Welock’s Smart Home Security System

It’s no longer news, smart homes are here to stay. In fact according to Statista, In the United States, the number of active households with smart homes is expected to amount to 103.1m users by 2028, with the household penetration at 43.8% in 2022 and expected to hit 75.1% by 2028. While it is expected to move from 16% penetration in 2023 to 35% in 2028, worldwide.

Setting up a smart home used to be very expensive but with numerous companies producing smart devices, the prices have been forced to fall. Currently, with a few hundred bucks you could have a standard smart home with no subscription payment plan. While setting up a smart home, the security system is of paramount importance, and this is where Welock comes in.

Welock is a leading smart home access solution provider focusing on smart door lock development, manufacturing, and marketing for over 10 years. In 2013, the brand WELOCK was established, and it is dedicated to popularizing high-quality smart home products and providing people with a safe and convenient life experience. Welock takes smart lock cylinders and fingerprint lock cylinders as its leading products and has become the first company in the world to implement biometric fingerprint technology in lock cylinders. They have partnerships in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Australia to provide users with the most localized service and support.

Smart security involves smart outdoor cameras, smart indoor cameras, smart doorbells, and Smart door locks.
Smart locks are a type of electronic lock that uses various technologies to automatically lock and unlock a door. Smart locks can include features such as keyless entry, remote locking and unlocking, and automatic locking after a set period. Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a higher level of security than traditional mechanical locks.

With Welock, you are always in control of your front door, no matter where you are, right from your phone. The smart locks work to help you keep the bad guys out and let your friends and family in.

Take your time when picking out smart security systems, remember they affect your security, and check your options very well before picking any device. For Cameras, go for wired cameras if possible. It helps make sure no glitch happens, and it also makes sure your privacy can not be invaded via the network. Use doorbells that have cameras too.

But for smart locks, Welock’s advanced fingerprint or keypad cylinder options would do the trick. You can get the Welock Electronic Fingerprint Smart Door Lock Cylinder and save 53€ with coupon code: DSQ53 Or you can just go with a simple keypad lock that has advanced security like the Welock Electronic Keypad Smart Door Lock Cylinder and save 30€ with coupon code: VD30. 

Benefits of Using Welock’s Advanced Lock System

It Has Advanced Smart Lock Features.

  • Fingerprint Unlock: It has Fast Fingerprint Unlock at just 0.5s. It recognizes registered fingerprints up to 98% of the time. Extremely low chance of failure.
  • Passcode Unlock: You can open the door with a Passcode. It has Memory for up to 10-digit codes. Which means higher security.
  • RFID Unlock: Unlocks with a simple swipe of the RFID card, and up to 20 cards can be paired.
  • Auto-lock: It can automatically lock the door within the set time, no more worrying about forgetting to lock the door.

Built-in Security features.

  • Banking-grade authentication: It uses state-of-the-art banking-grade encryption technology. Every communication with the smart lock is encrypted and protected.
  • Two-layer encryption: The Welock Smart Lock uses Bluetooth Energy (BLE) technology encryption, as well as an additional encryption mode.
  • Backup power: If your lock runs out of power, don’t fret! You can use a portable charger to unlock your door until you can replace your batteries.

Suitable For Almost All Doors:

  • European Standard Lock Cylinders
  • US Standard Lock

Easy installation:

All Welock smart locks are very easy to install and they do not need a locksmith. Just follow the instructions included in the installation manual or the assembly video. You should be up and running within 10 minutes.

Now let’s look at a few Protocols you should be familiar with in the smart home ecosystem before getting your Welock Electronic Smart Door Lock Cylinder Save 15% with coupon code coupon. HY5RBQN7153W.

Protocols You Should Be Familiar With Before Getting Your First Welock Smart Device.

  • WiFi: almost all smart home devices come with built-in WiFi, along with one or two other standards. The only thing you need to worry about is your internet getting slower.
  • Zigbee: This is a wireless technology that is like WiFi. But, it has a better range and better security and it can work offline.
  • Z-Wave: This is a wireless communication protocol that uses a 908.42 MHz frequency, which gives it a better range, but a lower bandwidth than WiFi and Zigbee. 
  • BLE: which stands for Bluetooth low energy, is another popular wireless protocol. It’s like to Z-Wave and Zigbee but it’s just not as popular.

The WiFi is the easiest to set up, and most devices work easily with it. However, you can go with Z-Wave or Zigbee if you don’t have enough bandwidth, experience some internet outages, or use a lot of devices that will cost more in internet fees.

Staying Safe With Smart Devices

  • The protocols you decide to use, have their vulnerabilities, make sure to guard against them so you can’t be exploited. But with Welock’s advanced security features, you’re in safe hands.
    Make sure your WiFi router only accepts connections to the MAC addresses of devices in your home.
  • Check the battery level of the locks after almost a year. Welock’s battery life lasts for an average of a year.
  • Make sure all devices are always up to date with recent security patches.
  • If your home is functioning on WiFi, make sure the internet is not disrupted.

Lastly, it doesn’t take a lot to set up a smart home, all you need is careful planning, and careful consideration of devices that support the same protocol, But you must remember, security is of the greatest priority, and Welock’s advanced smart locks are there to make sure you remain safe. Have fun making your life easier!

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