Making the Switch to CBD Vape Juice: How to Quit Smoking and Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle

Making the Switch to CBD Vape Juice: How to Quit Smoking and Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle

Smoking is still one of the leading public health concerns worldwide, and the worst thing about it is that the habit is highly addictive. Smokers get used to the everyday smoking routines on a psychological level. In addition, they get physically hooked on nicotine, the legal drug that millions of people abuse every day. 

So, is vaping a viable solution to the smoking problem? Can CBD vaping help with the addictive problem of nicotine? Here is a definitive guide to using the effects of CBD vape juice to transition to a healthier lifestyle. 

What is CBD Vaping? 

Let’s first find out what vaping represents and how it can help with the nicotine problem. CBD vapes are similar to regular vapes in terms of having a container with liquid and a battery that fuels the vaporizer of that fuel. Thus, it’s easy to use a vape on the go and take a shot or two of CBD by pressing one button and activating the device. You don’t need to smoke an entire cigarette or pre-roll, inhaling as often as you need. 

Can CBD Vaping Help Quit Tobacco Smoking? 

Now it’s time to talk specifically about CBD as a solution to smoking. The CBD vape juice ingredients are versatile, but the main component is the CBD extract, which is a soothing, painkilling remedy derived from hemp. It is responsible for pain relief, stress relief, insomnia management, and many other therapeutic properties that may help quitting smokers calm down. 

That’s a vital effect that smoking cessation may require, as smokers who quit are usually nervous and restless. The initial withdrawal symptoms may be pretty acute, so it’s vital to help the quitting smoker calm down psychologically and replace the well-known habit of smoking or vaping with a similar substitute. In this case, CBD vaping may indeed be of much help as a remedy at all levels. 

However, it’s still necessary to keep the CBD vape juice side effects in mind, as CBD vaping is not a fully innocent and safe alternative to tobacco smoking. In fact, CBD vapes contain the same set of chemical ingredients that nicotine vapes do, except for nicotine. Thus, if you’re allergic to nicotine vapes or have some unpleasant side effects when smoking, don’t expect the absence of these manifestations with CBD. Vapers using CBD vape juices also complain of respiratory issues and allergies. They may suffer lung damage just like tobacco smokers, the only difference being that vaping (CBD and nicotine) doesn’t involve burning tobacco and inhaling the tar and carcinogens resulting from the burning process. 

Tips for Quitting Smokers 

If you’ve decided to quit smoking nicotine and want to try CBD vaping as a healthier alternative, here are a couple of tips to ensure the process is successful. 

Choose Your CBD Type 

The first issue to decide on is the CBD type you want to vape. There are three options to choose from: 

  • Full-spectrum CBD. This CBD type is the richest form of CBD extract, enriched with everything the hemp plant can offer. It comes with various terpenes, valuable cannabinoids, and a meager amount of THC (less than 0.3%). 
  • Broad-spectrum CBD. This CBD option is THC-free but contains various terpenes and cannabinoids to ensure the user gets the most out of the CBD consumption experience. 
  • Isolate CBD. This is CBD’s purest form, devoid of terpenes and cannabinoids. It contains only CBD and delivers precisely predicted therapeutic results. 

Consider your life situation, work requirements, and readiness to embrace the full spectrum of weed benefits through the use of CBD. If you’re fine with a little bit of an “entourage” effect, then the full-spectrum CBD will be your best pick. If you want a THC-free experience but are fine with terpenes and cannabinoids, the broad-spectrum variety is your option. Those who spend most of their time driving, operate expensive equipment, or work with people (e.g., doctors and nurses) should opt for CBD isolate. 

Mind the CBD Vape Juice Dosage 

The dose of CBD is also an important criterion that will determine the success of your transition. Make sure to calculate the dose of CBD you get with every puff. To get a precise figure, you only need to divide the total CBD content by the number of milligrams in your CBD liquid bottle. The figure will show the amount of CBD per milligram, and if you have a CBD vaping container of 1ml and make 200 puffs with the full device, divide that number by 200. The resulting figure will show the exact CBD dose you get with every puff, allowing you to calculate consumption precisely and avoid the unpleasant effect of overdosing. 

Pick Your Favorite 

Go the extra mile to find the best flavor CBD vape juice that speaks to you. It’s important to feel the pleasure and benefit of the CBD vaping process; otherwise, your hand will always be searching for a cigarette or a regular vape instead of CBD products. Besides, the earthy taste of CBD is not everyone’s cup of tea, so using flavored vapes is a surer way to fall in love with the ritual. 

Mind the Quality 

When you plan a transition to CBD vaping, it’s critical to choose a reliable brand with top-quality vapes to avoid a negative experience or health risks. Go to to find a product that speaks to you. You should always buy vapes or CBD liquid from licensed dispensaries and certified online stores; otherwise, you may face the risk of vaping synthetic CBD or inhaling hazardous substances. 

Give CBD a Try 

As you can see, CBD is not a panacea for nicotine, as you still continue using a vape, though with another key ingredient. However, a good change is a refusal of addictive nicotine and an ability to calm down the tense nerves during the initial smoking cessation period. In any way, CBD is worth a try, even if you don’t plan to quit vaping altogether. 

Denys Svirepchuk, an author at AskGrowers interested in innovation and tech in the cannabis industry, prepared this material. Denys knows everything about vapes and can provide expert advice on choosing safe and high-quality vaping products for cannabis enthusiasts.  

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