7 Tips to Improve Your Dabbing Experience

7 Tips to Improve Your Dabbing Experience

Over the years, cannabis use has gained wide acceptance. This change led to the development of new and creative ways to make the most of its effects. One of the latest ways to enjoy cannabis is by dabbing.  

For individuals who prefer the potent hit tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) provides, most are already familiar with this method. If you haven’t tried it yet, this may be your sign to do it. 

The technique gets its name from its specific way of consuming THC, particularly through ‘dabs’ or concentrates. Reading a guide to dabs will be a good starting point if you want to start on the right foot. 

Dabbing is becoming a popular way to enjoy the benefits cannabis has to offer. If you’re already a pro or it’s your first time trying it, here are several pointers to keep in mind to maximize every session.  

1. Invest in High-Quality Dabs or Cannabis Concentrates 

One of the easiest ways to improve your dabbing experience starts with the cannabis concentrates you’re using. For the best hits, you need to think about which ones you get from the vast selection out there.  

A good-quality concentrate from a reputable provider will give you the best experience. Settling for a mediocre product would also mean poor flavour and wasted money. 

To find the best concentrates, research and compare options online so you can shortlist reputable providers. During the selection process, check if the cannabis dispensary has a proper license and positive feedback or reviews. Also, see if the products have undergone inspection by third-party establishments.  

2. Start with Lower Temperatures 

Many beginners often get an undesirable flavour or even chest discomfort while dabbing. Thankfully, the problem usually comes from a needlessly high temperature. 

A key tip to remember is to give time for the dab nail to cool down after heating. The concentrates will get singed if the nail overheats, giving off the nasty taste. Excessively high temperatures can also damage the components responsible for the aroma, ruining the overall experience.

3. Stores Dabs or Concentrates Properly 

The dabs or cannabis concentrates are essentially slimy and oily in consistency. Direct contact can contaminate them, so you need a clean dabbing tool for handling them.  

Proper storage and handling are important if you want your concentrates to last and provide the best experience. So, follow storage instructions carefully to prevent your concentrates from spoiling, expiring early, or becoming contaminated. You can find these in the packaging. If not, you can always ask the provider for more information.

4. Don Gloves When Handling the Concentrates 

If you have invested in high-grade concentrates, the next thing to do is to wear the appropriate gloves. Doing so ensures your dabs stay free of any contaminants, as mentioned in a previous point. 

Always wear them when handling cannabis concentrates. It can greatly help preserve the natural flavour and keep them fresh. After all, your skin has natural oils and other microscopic components that can degrade the overall quality of the concentrates, resulting in diminished hits. 

5. Clean Your Dab Rig Regularly

Cleanliness should always be a priority if you want your dabbing tools to last, providing you with an enjoyable experience in every session. 

A clean dab rig will always provide you with a flavourful hit. It also reduces the risk of health problems caused by bacteria festering on dirt and waste products. Clean dabbing makes safe dabbing.

6. Use a Quartz Nail 

The dab nail plays a role in your dabbing experience. Today, you can find an array of dab nails in different materials ranging from titanium, glass, and quartz. Among the popular choices, consider the last one.  

Why? It’s because a quartz dab nail does better in bringing out the concentrate’s taste while ensuring the cleanest vapor during every session. Additionally, the material is highly durable, making it a wise long-term investment.  

7. Add a Carburettor Cap to Your Dabbing Setup 

The main function of a carb cap is to regulate the amount of air that flows to the nail in your dab rig. This gives you a great amount of control over the hits.  

When you position a cap over your dab nail, the pressure in the rig drops. It allows you to form a flavourful and dense vapor. Basically, you get to customize your hit in real time whenever you want.

Dab Better, Dab Well

Dabbing has made waves in recent years. It’s high time you ride on them. 

Mastering the process will take experimentation and practice until you find the best setup for your needs. But with these helpful tips, you’re on the right track to creating your ideal dabbing experience.

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