Zendesk vs Freshdesk: A Detailed Comparison

Zendesk vs Freshdesk- A Detailed Comparison

Focus on customer satisfaction is a significant concern for every established and growing company, and choosing the right CRM is a must for every organization, regardless of its size. In our Zendesk vs Freshdesk comparison, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about these two services to pick the right one.

Zendesk vs Freshdesk: Overview

Finding the best help desk is challenging as companies want to gain a competitive edge. However, these two customers service software provide a seamless user experience, with some differences that set them apart.

Zendesk is a comprehensive online help desk software that provides rich features ticketing system to sort, answer, and resolve tickets via omnichannel support. In addition, Zendesk offers the benefits of automation and analytics options.

It’s the best solution for enterprise-level users, but it can suit SMB companies. Zendesk offers a customer support experience with excellent security features that help the company achieve its goals.

Freshdesk is an alternative to Zendesk. This help desk system streamlines ticket management and helps to optimize the workflow using a user-friendly interface. Freshdesk is an excellent solution for small and large companies as it is scalable and flexible enough. Freelancers and solo entrepreneurs choose Freshdeskbecause of its freemium.

Like Zendesk, Freshdesk is a reliable customer service tool with several security features. Yet, it’s simpler to use and can be a better option for those on a budget or first-time users.


Both Zendesk and Freshdesk offer several pricing plans to suit various users. Zendesk’s first plan starts at $19 per agent per month, providing email and live chat communication and ticket routing, triggrs and macros, reports and analytics to track performance.

Suite Team, Suite Growth, and Suite Professional plan are paid plans that cater to multiple customer service needs. These pricing tags offer more customization and advanced APIs in addition to multilingual support.

Moreover, there are two enterprise-level plans with the ultimate customization level. All Zendesk plans come with a 30-day trial period.

Freshdesk is more suitable for companies with small budgets, as their freemium can support up to 10 agents. This plan includes email ticketing a knowledge base, and reports.

Growth, Pro, and Enterprise plans offer more advanced features and start at $15/agent/month. In addition, the Enterprise plan offers more features and API limits..

Available Integrations

Zendesk excels at integration features. While Freshdesk offers more than 1000 integrations with other platforms and apps. So you can integrate Zendesk with many other business tools.

Freshdesk and Zendesk integration options cover multiple categories related to time-tracking, eCommerce, and productivity and provide the company’s development team with more options.

User Experience

Zendesk offers a customizable experience with a clean interface that allows users to use the help desk tool even without tech skills. The company’s teams can start using the ticketing system right away. This explains why Zendesk has more than 160,000 customers, including such large companies as Uber and Siemens.

Freshdesk is a relevant option, as it’s easy to use and offers useful features for small businesses. Among its clients, you can find such names as DHL and Bridgestone.

So, both platforms are easy-to-use and offer a lot of options for customer support. Yet, Zendesk can boast more customization that allows scaling of the customer service while your business grows.


Again, Zendesk wins in this aspect. If you buy the Enterprise plan, you can remove Zendesk’s logo from different support widgets and customize your workspace.

Freshdesk offers the same option, yet, the appearance of the settings might not appeal to different users, so it’s a matter of personal choice.


Security and data protection are two major concerns of custoner services as they handle huge amount of customer data. Zendesk and Freshdesk offer SSO security and SSL certificates to guarantee that help desk platforms are as secure as possible. However, Freshdesk’s free plan provides only 2FA, so it’s not as safe.

Zendesk and Freshdesk are HIPAA compliant, and are suitable for the healthcare organizations. They can also handle credit card data and other personal information securely.

Reports and Analytics

Identifying and analyzing performance trends represents a critical opportunity for businesses to improve workflow management. Zendesk offers some insights into performance with pre-planned reports that can help managers track how agents handle work. Yet, generating customized reports isn’t as easy, so most users skip this option.

Freshdesk offers some insights and data analytics only on its paid plans. These include tracking agent and group performances regarding ticket volumes, turnover, and overall customer satisfaction. Yet these features aren’t available for the free plan.

Sharing Knowledge

Successful help desk platforms provide the opportunity to create internal and external knowledge bases. While Freshdesk provides this feature in its freemium, while you’ll have to pay for it on Zendesk.


Freshdesk offers several communication channels, including WhatsApp, Line, and text messages. However, Zendesk supports more channels, facilitating communication with users.

Zendesk Summary

  • One of the best help desk systems.
  • Suitable for large enterprises.          
  • Pricing is between $19 and $215 for an annual subscription.  
  • More than 1300 integrations.
  • Better customization options.
  • Better reports and custom analytics on higher plans.
  • External and internal knowledge bases are only available on the two highest plans.      
    Supports more communication channels.    

Freshdesk Summary

  • Suitable for SMBs.     
  • The free plan is available.     
  • More than 1000 integrations.           
  • Only one report is available on the free plan.   
  • External and internal knowledge bases are available on any plan.           


While Zendesk and Freshdesk are amazing help desk tools, each one is suitable for specific users. Zendesk is better suited for large enterprises, while Freshdesk offers a rich toolkit for SMBs.

Both ticketing systems are straightforward to use, but Zendesk provides more customization options and a broader view of the customer experience.

So, if you’re starting your business, Freshdesk will be a better option. A growing company will benefit more from Zendesk features.

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