Your Virgin Media Wi-Fi has hidden broadband feature you must try

If you happen to have endless family and friends dropping in for the New Year’s Eve festivities, then Virgin Media has a neat trick that you’ll definitely want to try. Of course, apart from a hug and saying hello, the first thing some people want when they arrive is your Wi-Fi password.

As most of us know, tracking down that random list of numbers and letters usually means digging behind the TV to find the router and the code which is printed on the rear of the case. It’s a massive faff and not something you won’t want to be doing on New Year’s Eve.

Luckily, Virgin Media has an easy solution that makes dishing out this code faster than eating a party canape. In fact, a couple of taps on your smartphone screen will have others connected to your broadband in a matter of seconds.

“Long gone are the days crawling on all-fours trying to find the WiFi code or faffing around with long passwords for your guests,” Virgin explained in an email sent out to users. “If you’re a Virgin Media broadband customer, it couldn’t be easier to share your WiFi network password.”

The simple trick is all thanks to Virgin’s Connect app which will instantly produce a QR code that can then be scanned by guests to get online.

Here’s how it works.

• Download the Virgin Media Connect app

• Log in using your usual Virgin Media broadband credentials

• Select the Home tab. From here, you can give friends or family instant access to your WiFi by showing or sharing the QR code on screen

Hey presto! It’s as easy as that.

Of course if you don’t have Virgin or don’t want to install the Connect app there are some other ways to easily hand your Wi-Fi passwords to others.

Both iPhone and Android offer quick-sharing features with contacts. As long as friends and family are in your address book and you’re both trying to access the same network you should be able to follow these simple steps below.

How to share your WiFi password on an Apple device

• Make sure your device (the one sharing the password) is unlocked and connected to the WiFi network with Bluetooth turned on

• Select the WiFi network on the device you want to connect.

• On your device, tap Share Password, then tap Done.

How to share your WiFi password on an Android device

• Open Settings on your device, then select Network & Internet > WiFi.

• In Saved networks, tap the network you want to share.

• If the other device has a camera, tap the Share button, and use that device to scan the QR code that appears.


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