Your Next Flight on Delta Might Have Free Wi-Fi

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Airplane Wi-Fi is, more often than not, a premium perk that you pay for when booking or right after boarding a plane. Delta is switching up that formula with a promise of free Wi-Fi on planes starting in February.

Delta has announced that, in collaboration with T-Mobile, it’s bringing free Wi-Fi to most domestic aircraft starting on February 1st, making it the first major US airline to bring such a service. By the end of 2023, 700 Viasat-equipped airplanes will have free Wi-Fi, and Delta wants to bring this feature to international and regional flights as well by the end of 2024.

Many T-Mobile customers already have free in-flight Wi-Fi on Delta flights, but Delta is bringing its benefit to all its passengers eventually. To use this benefit, all you need to do is sign into your Delta SkyMiles account (which is free to create) and you’ll be free to connect.

Delta is specifically calling this “fast, free Wi-Fi,” and while the airline isn’t providing any specific numbers, Delta’s Wi-Fi is decent compared to typical in-flight internet. We’ll have to see if it’s still as good when it’s available for everyone.

Source: Delta Airlines