Young actor from Brockton stars in Good Burger 2 movie on Paramount+

BROCKTON — The City of Champions has a new rising star, a 9-year-old who landed an important role in the new movie “Good Burger 2” on Paramount+.

Alexis Turner isn’t like most kids her age and her mother always knew she would be a star — from her “bright” and “bubbly” personality to her fearless nature when it comes to expressing herself.

“She’s not afraid to sing and show her personality. I knew she would be in the entertainment industry I just wasn’t sure in what capacity,” Alexis’s mother Antoinette Toney said.

And the mother’s gut feeling wasn’t wrong.

Alexis started her career at 4 years old as a child model and actress. Alexis has landed major bookings for toy companies all over the country, including Baby Alive, Furreal Pets and Furby Toys.

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Alexis’ favorite part of being an actress is showing the world her talents.

“I love meeting new people and trying new things. It’s so fun,” said Alexis, sitting next to her mom in their living room.

The 9-year-old appears in the sequel to the 1997 comedy “Good Burger” as Ketchup the daughter of Ed, one of the main characters in the movie.

Each one of Ed’s children are named after condiments.

The movie premiered Nov. 22 on Paramount+.

“It’s honestly been surreal. I’m so speechless to see my daughter in commercials, seeing her on toy boxes and the big screen,” Toney said.

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Despite all the success Alexis is having now, there where a lot of no’s from agencies and casting directors before her major break.

“It’s just what comes with this business you need to have tough skin. You will get a lot of no’s before you get a yes but as long as you and your child remain confident and never give up you will be fine,” Toney said.

How to start your child’s acting and modeling career

If you’re interested in starting your child in modeling or acting Toney suggests taking a few pictures on your phone and googling reputable agencies and agents in the area and submitting your child.

That’s how Alexis got her start in the industry and never stopped working toward her goals.

It goes to show that hard work can produce amazing results.

Alexis hopes to keep shining a light on young girls who look like her to dream big no matter where they come from.


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