Yahoo Mail down as thousands report problems with email app

07:45AM UPDATE: Yahoo Mail appaears to still be experiencing widespread issues on Wednesday morning despite the firm issuing a fix for the bug overnight that it said might take 24 hours to take effect. The company sent out adivce on X about how to fix the problem if you’re using an Android phone or iPhone, which worked for some customers but others are saying they still can’t access their emails. You can try the below advice from Yahoo to see if it works:

Android devices:

1) Long press the app icon.

2) Click the info icon on the top right corner to open the app settings.

3) Scroll down to the usage section and storage row, and open it.

4) Clear cache and clear data.

5) Reopen the app and it should work as usual.

iOS devices:

1) Close any existing session of the Yahoo app.

2) Open the Settings app on your iOS Device.

3) Search for the Yahoo App, and click on it.

4) Scrolling to the bottom, you should see a toggle button called “Reset All Accounts”.

5) Toggle on the button and relaunch the app. (You may be asked to login again)

Yahoo also said if this doesn’t work you can try to uninstall then reinstall the Yahoo Mail app.

ORIGINAL STORY: Popular email service Yahoo Mail is down, with thousands of frustrated customers unable to access their emails and accounts.

“Some users may be experiencing issues with the Yahoo Mail app. We are investigating and will update as needed,” a Yahoo Customer Care page posted on X, the site formerly known as Twitter.

Customers voiced their frustration online, with X user @Cyberbloke saying, “Yahoo email app not working on iPhone. Just shuts down.”

“Every time I go to open my yahoo Mail app on my phone, it doesn’t open – it just crashes today,” said @raisahassanXOX.

The free to use email service launched in 1997 and remains incredibly popular worldwide with consumers.

“Same issue, won’t even open. I’ve cleared the cache and uninstalled/reinstalled the app and still not working. Total nightmare,” said X user @storey_caroline.

Others noted that the whole Yahoo Mail website would not load messages, not just the smartphone apps for iPhone and Android.

At 2pm on Tuesday there were more than 8,000 reports of issues on the popular website Down Detector, where customers of tech services can report problems.

The official Yahoo Mail account also replied on X to several customers, saying, “Hi there, our team is working hard to correct this. Thank you for alerting us!”

When email services stop working there’s not much you can do to fix it. The problem lies with the provider, and you simply have to wait until they fix the issues on their end. Yahoo Mail customers will be frustrated but there’s not much you can do but wait.