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The Enterprise asked random people in downtown Park Rapids, “Do you own or rent your current home, and why?” These are their answers.


Alison Petru: “I own my home. I bought my house when I was 19. I guess I never thought to rent a house. I always wanted to buy one and fix it up. So, that’s what I did.”

Robin Fish / Park Rapids Enterprise


Caleb David: “I live in West Fargo, N.D. I rent. Currently, I’m finishing up my last year of college. Living there with my brother and my cousin, it’s more affordable to rent because we can split the rent multiple ways, and for the house, it just makes more sense economically. Ultimately, I definitely want to own my own house, but as of right now, in the stage of life I’m in, this makes the most sense.”

Robin Fish / Park Rapids Enterprise


Connie Preston: “Own, because it was inherited to me.”

Robin Fish / Park Rapids Enterprise


Jacob Vigen: “Own. Owning, what you’re paying for is for your own place, and renting, you’re just giving the money to someone and you don’t own it. So, owning is the best way to go.”

Robin Fish / Park Rapids Enterprise


Jeremiyah Johnson: “I currently rent. There’s just too much yardwork responsibilies, owning a home. My health took a little turn for the worse, and to keep up with snowblowing, tree trimming, shrub trimming, mowing, is just a little too much for me at my age and health.”

Robin Fish / Park Rapids Enterprise


Kelly Steinle: “We own, because renting is kind of like throwing money out the window. We got a good deal on a trailer house on a piece of property, and we built a big house on it when we could afford it.”

Robin Fish / Park Rapids Enterprise

Robin Fish is a staff reporter at the Park Rapids Enterprise. Contact him at rfish@parkrapidsenterprise.com or 218-252-3053.


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