Why this startup wants to help build a seaweed industry in Alaska | Local Business

In an underwater farm off the coast of Alaska, seaweed is quickly growing as it dangles from long floating lines. Within weeks, the kelp — which was planted last fall — will be harvested. Then it will be sold to Macro Oceans, a startup that will convert it into the building blocks for products like biodegradable packaging.

The seaweed industry is nascent in the U.S.; most seaweed farms are in Asia, where the majority of the crop is used for food. In Maine, a startup is building a market for kelp to help fishermen find a new source of income as climate change disrupts the lobster industry. Macro Oceans, which just raised a round of seed funding, wants to help kick-start the industry in Alaska — and use the seaweed to start replacing petrochemicals and compounds that normally come from industrially farmed crops like corn.

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