Why does Apple Hate our Android Friends?

Dear Apple:

I converted all of my new Photos from HIEC to “Most Compatible”, and yet, even though I changed over to .JPEG this is still hard to do with my Android using friends. No Tim, they don’t actually want an iPhone. As an iPhone user I absolutely expect better than this when trying to text a picture to one of my Android using friends:


I understand that “Here is how to work around that” or Explain to your Android using friends why iPhone is soo superior. But there was an old saying your predecessor used to tag with Apple products that I was fond of “It Just works”. I used to just attach picture files without having to change format or scroll endlessly through reddit looking through answers, it just worked. Now as you can see above, it just doesn’t work. I was planning on upgrading my iPhone 13 Pro to an iPhone 16 Pro Max this year but before handing you my hard earned money, the above needs to never happen again.





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