Why are UK femtech startups struggling to get funding?

UK-based startups accounted for 36% of Europe’s total femtech funding in 2023. Despite this seemingly positive statistic, there are only 15 VC-backed femtech startups in the UK – which is all the more surprising when you consider the sector is serving almost four billion women globally, and women are 75% more likely to use digital tools for healthcare than men.

So, why are UK femtechs finding it so hard to get investment? We took a deep dive into the UK market.

Investors still ‘fundamentally uncomfortable’

Valentina Milanova, founder of gynaecological health company Daye, believes most investors feel “fundamentally uncomfortable with the topic.”

“When I walk into a room and start talking about the vaginal canal and menstrual bleed, most male investors blush or look to the ground,” Milanova tells UKTN….


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