Who’s Winning the Video Game Adaptation Race?

Networks have long realized that video games have huge potential for engaging TV audiences. From the 1982 “Pac-Man” animated show to Prime Video’s upcoming “Fallout” series, the graphics, storylines and character development in games have significantly improved over time, broadening their fanbase.

After a long period of unsuccessful U.S. video-game adaptations to TV and movies in the past, recent years have seen a resurgence in the genre’s popularity thanks to a string of successes. Of the top 10 most in-demand video-game TV adaptations of all time as of 2023, seven have been released since 2018. Some examples of these shows are HBO’s “The Last of Us” (the most popular video-game adaptation last year), Paramount+’s “Halo” and Peacock’s “Twisted Metal.” All of them are based on popular U.S.


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