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What technology/device will replace the smartphone?

Aren’t you tired of the rectangular slab of silicon and metal in your pocket? For the past decade, nothing has changed in the way we use our phones. Yes, they are faster, brighter, take better pictures, and you can game on them.

But realistically, we use the same interface—our fingers and the display—to input and output information, and it’s getting old. The sudden AI explosion raises some serious questions about the future of the smartphone as a device.

Strange and peculiar gadgets start to arise, such as the AI-powered Rabbit R1, which is kind of an AI assistant that uses your phone for you. Is this the future? Are we moving toward AI terminals connected to the cloud, or are there other options? Is there a technology that can ultimately replace the smartphone as we know it? Smart glasses that you control with your eyes? Contact lenses? Star Trek communicators? What do you think?


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