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What Seasonal Marketing Techniques Can Boost Your Business?

Finding ways to take advantage of each of the different seasons in the year is one of the most important marketing tasks right now. What are some of the key strategies and techniques to be aware of?

The Power of Seasonal Offers

Providing useful offers and promotions is a solid marketing strategy at any time of year. We can see from this casino example – – that players can get free spins, giveaways and the chance to win jackpots all year round. New members get a welcome bonus while existing users can pick up something extra every week. This is a smart way to attract newcomers and keep loyal players coming back regularly.

Yet, a seasonal promotion also gives casino businesses the chance to reward their customers at a special time of year. This can be made even more eye-catching by adding an appropriate theme to the promotion, which also gives the chance to have some fun with Christmas images, Easter puns, or something else light-hearted that shows your company’s more humorous side.

This report from Adobe – – points out that a record-breaking $221 billion was spent on ecommerce sites in November and December 2022. The build-up to Christmas is a time when many consumers are spending and a well-.worked festive promotion can be extremely effective in many industries.

Email Marketing, Competitions, and More

An email campaign can be another good tactic during one of the year’s special seasons. This is a chance to share the happy mood and maybe introduce new products or services with a light touch. Getting the timing right is as crucial as hitting the right tone, as people tend to be busy in the run-up to the year’s biggest holiday seasons.

Another useful idea is to run a themed competition. This can be to create a Christmas poem, an Easter egg hunt, or something related to Halloween that has a link to your business. It’s a terrific opportunity to get creative and let your customers do the same.

Some businesses take the opportunity to give their sites a festive makeover before Christmas or create a special marketing video for Halloween, for example. Taking a look at what your rivals have done in past years is a good start, as you’ll see how well their efforts were received.

This look at the best and worst Christmas supermarket ads of 2023 – reveals the delicate balance that needs to be struck between product placement, building a cheerful brand image, and touching the heartstrings of the viewers. It’s turned into an annual challenge for the leading supermarkets that can have a big impact on their sales figures for the most important season of the year.  

Don’t neglect the big holiday seasons of the year in your marketing campaigns. Getting it just right can be a challenge, but it’s well worth making the effort and gives you a great chance to show your creative skills.

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