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What Salary Should You Be Making at Your Age

What Salary Should You Be Making at Your Age

This is a very vague question to ask, especially when there are so many age brackets to cover. However, statistically, this is a question which generally comes from a fresher who is starting a new job or moving to a new city in search of a job.

Someone with experience in their field will be hard to fool by questionable HRs and employees. They know the average salary count, then know what their skills can bring to the company and how they should be paid for that.

However, someone just starting can lack confidence in negotiation. Therefore, knowing how much you should be earning is based on your qualifications and education.

What are the Criterions that Matter

When it comes to average salary, it is impossible for everyone in the same age bracket to have the same salary. Along with that criterion, there are others which could determine your pay for your age bracket.

1. Experience Level

There are three levels of experience which companies look for:




Senior or executive-level.

Now, understandably one cannot be at their senior or executive level between the age bracket of 20-25 because of the lack of experience unless they have their own established company.

2. The Locality You Are Working

The country, city, and area codes also play an important role when it comes to the average salary. If you are in the city, then the average pay scale for your age will depend on the number of job opportunities in the area.

Plus, your pay scale can also differ depending on the company you are working in. If it is a well-established company (which could be a little difficult to get into as a fresher ), you will have higher pay even at a younger age as compared to joining a startup.

3. Your Skills

You could always ask for high pay when you have the skills to prove it. However, without the experience to back it up, it could be quite difficult. This is why one should always look for diplomas and courses which provide certification for you to show.

However, skills are more credible when one has used them in a practical field. Especially if you are fairly young and want higher pay, you can negotiate your salary based on your skills, especially if you believe you are not being paid enough for what you are given.

On the other hand, some jobs require highly skilled labourers, and automatically they have a high pay scale. For example, data analysts, coders, Digital marketing managers, and game developers.

4. Your Educational Qualifications

Educational qualifications also play a big role when one has to determine pay at a graduate level. Some jobs like sales and marketing will have a higher average pay when you have an MBA degree. Some, on the other hand, will have a fairly low rate if you just graduated and are still learning.

Highest-paying jobs like lawyer, electrical engineer, and Information Technology Associate get higher pay at the graduate level because degrees and longer academic years are mandatory for these jobs.

What You Should Be Earning at Your Age

If we are talking about a certain age bracket, then here is the average salary that people in the UK are making. You will see a considerable hike in salary between the age of 25-30, and the highest salary bracket is between the age of 30-40.

These statistics show the top 10% of working individuals in these age brackets for the UK. This is not a criterion for you to earn; in fact, this simply gives you an overlook. If you are interested to know the average salary appropriate for your field, then check to see whether you earn more than the average salary.

  • Ages 18-21: £26,208.
  • Ages 22-29: £43,094.
  • Ages 30-39: £61,058.
  • Ages 40-49: £73,236.
  • Ages 50-59: £68,901.
  • Ages 60+: £59,691.

The average salary for London standard is as follows.

  • Ages 18-21: £20,837.
  • Ages 22-29: £30,092.
  • Ages 30-39: £38,415.
  • Ages 40-49: £42,508.
  • Ages 50-59: £40,350.
  • Ages 60+: £36,165.

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