What Makes Great Video Games in 2023?

What Makes Great Video Games in 2023?

What makes a great game?

Many people think that gameplay is the only factor that makes a great game. And although it is certainly important, this simply isn’t true.

The truth is there’s no magic formula to make a game that will stand the test of time. Yet, without a doubt there are some key elements that all the best games seem to have in common. We’ve collected three factors that make great video games below.

Compelling Stories

Storytelling helps players feel more involved in the game. It encourages them to seek out and understand what to do next. The plotlines need to stay fresh and keep the players involved and enjoying the experience over time.

A great example that smashed its storytelling is God of War: Ragnarok, a game available exclusively on PS4 or PS5. Not only is the actual plotline of this game fantastic, but it continues the stories begun in previous instalments of the series.

The main character’s gradual personal development – from a wrathful destroyer obsessed with exacting revenge for his tragic past to a calm and wise father seeking to build a better future for his son – is able to both hook new players and appeal to the people who played the earlier titles, who have likely since gone through similar transitions in their own lives.

Captivating Worlds

Video games are interactive forms of entertainment. And the best games are the ones that you can spend hours exploring.

Of course, role-playing games are best suited for this. Take for example, Red Dead Redemption 2 or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in both of which you can easily spend hours exploring undiscovered territory or completing side quests.

Yet non-sandbox games can find ways to make their game worlds more interactive too, by including easter eggs, challenges, or collectable items.

Atmospheric Audio

Sound A game’s audio is incredibly important. Sound effects are what make the game’s setting and characters feel realistic. From titles and genres as varied as Silent Hill 3 to Super Mario Bros sound is a key element that gives the most atmospheric games the power to truly immerse you.

Similarly, the music is what makes the story emotionally compelling for the player. When done right, the music itself will stick in players’ memories long after they’ve stopped playing the game – there are few Halo lovers that would struggle to recognise its main theme – and in many cases it’s the music itself that makes them return to replay their favourite games year after year.

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