Artificial Intelligence

What is ChatGPT: Schools navigate regulation of artificial intelligence, ChatGPT as students return to classrooms

CHICAGO (WLS) — As students and teachers get ready for the upcoming school year, there are new challenges to navigate.

Artificial intelligence is becoming a major conversation in the classroom, especially a popular software called ChatGPT.

ABC7 asked ChatGPT to write a book report on “Pride and Prejudice.” In just seconds, it created a report that would probably satisfy the requirements for a class assignment.

Sally Duros is an adjunct lecturer at UIC’s business school, and she joined ABC7 to talk about artificial intelligence in the classroom.

Duros said many school districts across the country are banning the use of artificial intelligence to preserve the development of critical thinking skills in students.

However, artificial intelligence can be a useful tool that can teach people how to ask good questions, Duros said.


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