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have vowed to continue piling pressure on the DWP to provide them with their long-awaited compensation when the new Government is formed.

The WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) group have stepped up their efforts urging Parliament to act on the issue since .

Campaign chair, Angela Madden, said their work will continue after the new Government comes in following the July 4 General Election.

She told “What we’re hoping for, at the very least, is within the first 100 days, have an open debate on the PHSO report, and allow Parliament to have the say that the Ombudsman wanted it to have.

“We’ll be sending those emails, we’ll be having those meetings, we’ll be banging on their door so to speak, to resurrect this as quickly as Parliament is resurrected.

Ms Madden during the build up to the Election. She said: “I’m sure we’ll be writing to Mr Sunak and Mr Starmer. Ed Davey already in his pre-manifesto has WASPI in there. We’ll see what’s in the other manifestos.

“If WASPI isn’t there, we’ll be making a fuss about why not.”

The Liberal Democrats, led by Ed Davey, have urged for the 1950s women to be compensated in line with the PHSO’s recommendations.

Another call for action on the WASPI issue that has come to an end thanks to the General Election is into how the increase in the state pension age affected 1950s-born women.

The petition had reached over 10,000 signatures, meaning it was due a Government response.

But now all petitions will close on May 30 when Parliament dissolves. Guidance on the Parliament website states: “All petitions that were open on the site will be closed and will no longer be able to be signed.

“They won’t be reopened after the election. They’ll still be available for people to read on the site.”

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