Urgent warning over common driving device used by thousands of UK motorists on windscreens

AN URGENT warning has been issued over popular driving devices used by thousands of British motorists each day.

Drivers have been warned items which can obscure their view on their windscreen could land them with a fine.

Many drivers use phone holders or dashboard cameras attached to their windscreen


Many drivers use phone holders or dashboard cameras attached to their windscreenCredit: Getty
Motorists will be fined and gain penalty points if their view is obstructed


Motorists will be fined and gain penalty points if their view is obstructedCredit: Vauxhall

Those devices, such as air fresheners, phone holders, or stickers, could land motorists in hot water if they’re placed in the wrong part of the windscreen.

Motoring experts at Absolute Reg said Dashcams and phone holders must also be placed away from the line of vision so motorists can drive safely.

Windscreen cracks and chips can also restrict the driver’s vision, so it’s also important to get any damage fixed as soon as possible.

The Highway Code states drivers must have a complete and clear view of the road and traffic ahead whilst travelling, at all times.

Those driving with an obstructed view could face penalty points, hefty fines and even driving bans if the incident leads to dangerous situations.

A car driver could lose six points and be fined up to £1,000 if the fine didn’t go to court.

But, if the charge was serious enough and the case went to court, that fine could increase to £5,000 and receive up to nine penalty points.

Jake Smith, director at Absolute Reg said: “Many of us drivers are not aware that anything on our windscreen could be putting us, and other road users, in danger.

“But anything that is obstructing the view of the road ahead is deemed illegal and against the Highway Code.

“It’s best to remove things like stickers and air fresheners from the front and rear windscreen, and ensure that dashcams and phone holders aren’t obstructing the line of sight.

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Following updates to the law two years ago, it is now illegal to touch or hold a mobile phone, and drivers should instead use the handsfree option.

However, if placing the device in a phone holder, motorists must make sure that it doesn’t obstruct the view of the road ahead.

Drivers could also face a fine if their car is full of rubbish and left in an unsafe state.

That fine could result in paying a £100 penalty and three penalty points for careless driving.

Millions of Brits have also been handed a financial lifeline after a major car insurer signalled its set to end price hikes.

Admiral serves around nine million customers and has raised prices seven years in a row, but is now set to stop.

Eight tips to save money on your insurance

According to SheTalksCars

  1. Buy in advance – 23 to 26 days before you need cover is the sweet spot
  2. Add a named driver – even a learner can knock money off
  3. Try different parking places – a garage isn’t always cheaper
  4. Choose the right job title – make sure they are always accurate
  5. Shop around – comparison websites are your friend
  6. Pick a multi-car policy – share it with others in your household
  7. Add your licence number
  8. Pay annually rather than monthly – save yourself interest payments
Many drivers use their phone for GPS directional tracking


Many drivers use their phone for GPS directional trackingCredit: Getty


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