UP students tour clinical sciences

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – High school students across the U.P. had the opportunity today to come in and visit Northern Michigan University’s Clinical Sciences laboratories to see what they have to offer.

Students were bussed to NMU to explore programs on campus like Radiology and Surgical Technology, and to consider futures in the clinical healthcare field.

Current NMU Radiology Student Sara Eilola says her biggest recommendation for incoming students is to do research before selecting their program.

“I recommend job shadowing so much. That’s how I got introduced to the program. That’s how I learned my interest in this, so I think job shadowing and maybe slightly researching what your big interests are.” said Eilola.

High school students also had the chance to try technology in each department. Current clinical science students say it’s an example of the hands-on learning the programs include, like working on-site at the hospital.

Radiology Student Paige Wirhanowicz says she is looking forward to seeing new faces enter the program.

“I’m looking forward to everything. I am looking forward to seeing the program grow. It’s a very close group, we all get very close together. We all learn so much we see so much and it’s all awesome.” said Wirhanowicz.

NMU School of Clinical Science Associate Dean Shaun Thunell says events like these go beyond student enrollment.

“The overall thing that is important is to fill a need in our country, but also in this region for health care workers. That’s the excitement. Obviously, we want students to come to Northern, but it’s to fill that need.” said Thunell.

Students curious about NMU’s Clinical Sciences can learn more here.


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