Artificial Intelligence

UM-Flint conference discusses challenges and potential of Artificial Intelligence and Education

Educators from across Michigan were in Flint Thursday taking part in a conference on the future of artificial intelligence and education.

Sapna Thwaite is the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and a Professor of Education at the University of Michigan Flint. She says AI is a subject that divides educators.

“Some people are very excited about it. They embrace it. They see it as bringing a really dynamic future to education,” said Thwaite, “However, there might be others who are a little more concerned, maybe about the ethical considerations; some concerns about cheating and whatnot.”

Nick Gaspar is the director of Distance Learning at the University of Michigan-Flint. He says the impact of AI technology on all levels of education can’t be ignored.

“I’m an AI optimist,” said Gaspar, “And I really see it as a benefit for education. And I have never seen a technology advance this quickly.”

Thwaite and Gaspar are skeptical about suggestions that education and elected leaders coming with new rules for AI until they actually understand the technology better.


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