Ultra-rare Ferrari worth £2.6 million crashed by 24-year-old dealership employee on the way to motor show

AN ultra-rare Ferrari worth £2.6 million has been wrecked after it was crashed by a 24-year-old dealership employee on the way to a motor show.

The stunning supercar smashed into the wall of a tunnel in Stuttgart, Germany, while trying to make it just 11 miles to the event.

A £2.6 million Ferrari F40 was crashed into a tunnel in Stuttgart, Germany


A £2.6 million Ferrari F40 was crashed into a tunnel in Stuttgart, GermanyCredit: Alamy
The car was being driven to an auto show by a young dealership worker


The car was being driven to an auto show by a young dealership workerCredit: Alamy

According to Bild, the motor was being piloted by a young employee of the dealer that owned it.

The red 1990 F40 was set to go on sale in the near future with an asking price of £2.6 million.

In an attempt to drum up some demand, it was meant to go on display at the nearby Motorworld Car Show on April 21.

However, around 8am that morning, it reportedly veered off course and hit the tunnel wall nose first.

Photos of the aftermath posted to Instagram show the front end of the beautiful classic ripped off.

The entire bonnet was thrown clean away and came to rest next to the battered chassis.

The tunnel had to be closed in both directions while the car’s carcass was recovered.

Local authorities confirmed that they are still investigating the cause of the crash, which remains a mystery.

It is not known whether a mechanical fault occurred or whether speed was a factor.

The driver was taken to hospital but was confirmed to be uninjured.

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However, there is still hope for classic car fans as the dealer reports that the damage is mainly to the bodywork rather than any mechanical components.

They hope to repair the Ferrari and restore it to show-worthy condition soon.

Pascal Stephen, spokesperson for the dealership, said: “The F40 is one of Ferrari’s big five.

“Only 1,315 of this model were made, how many there are left is unclear.

“It is Enzo Ferrari’s last great masterpiece.

“The driver was checked into the hospital and is uninjured.

“That’s the most important thing.”

It isn’t the first F40 to be involved in a costly crash as is featured in the video above.

In 2022 an F40 joined a host of historic Ferraris as they threaded their way through the Swiss mountains.

But the F40 owner lost control part way around a lefthand bend, smashing into the barrier and doing quite a bit of damage to the front of the car.

It comes after a Ford Focus left in storage for decades went up for sale with just 134 miles on the clock.


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