Tulsa Organization Helping Entrepreneurs Grow Platforms Through Tech

The organization ‘Build in Tulsa’ that helps entrepreneurs grow their platform through tech is looking to help even more people.

Build in Tulsa is launching a new round of a 4-week start-up program called “Build Up,” where people can learn how to start a tech business or integrate tech into an existing business.

The Build Up seminars are led by a program facilitator and legal experts will also come in to talk to participants.

Organizers said participants will gain skills on how to market to customers and run a business. Participants will also learn how to create a product road map to help grow and develop their business over time.

This is the fourth version of this free program and the organization has been able to help more than 60 people.

“This is a great first step. It gives you a good foundation and after that the world’s your oyster. We have pitch competitions you can attend and compete in. We do 1 on 1 business coaching. Folks have gone on to do hackathons and some have gone on to be apart of our accelerator network,” said Ashli Sims with Build in Tulsa.

The start-up school will happen four Saturdays in June. If you want to sign up, you can visit Build in Tulsa’s website. CLICK HERE for details.


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