Travel via planes, trains, and automobiles to increase over Labor Day Weekend

BALTIMORE — Over the next few days, people will travel by land, sea, and air to get to their vacation destinations in hopes of closing out the summer season with one last weekend getaway.

“We’re seeing increases not only and those wanting to take road trips and get in, you know, sort of a last road trip before the end of the summer, but also definitely increased bookings as it relates to air travel cruises,” AAA Public and Government Affairs Manager Ragina Ali said. “So we’re seeing that consistent desire to travel.”  

Most people will travel by car, though, she said. In fact, AAA expects Labor Day Weekend to be busier this year than in 2022.

Gas prices in Maryland are around $3.63 per gallon. They are about the same price as they were around the same time last year.

People who plan to travel should make sure their vehicle is ready for the road before embarking on a trip, Ali said.

“We always want to remind them to make sure that their car is road ready, making sure that their tire pressure is good, their batteries in good shape,” she said. ” We’ve had some excessive heat, which can certainly take a toll on a battery. So, definitely want to check your battery before taking an extensive road trip.”

Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, AAA responded to more than 7,000 emergency roadside service calls in Maryland and more than 12,000 calls for service across the DMV area.

That’s why the roadside assistance company is urging people to be aware of the state’s move-over law.

“When you see our police on the side of the road, our tow truck drivers, our other first responders, and now, in Maryland, also, if it’s a disabled vehicle on the side of the road displaying flashing lights, it’s imperative that we slow down and or move over,” she said.

People who have flexible schedules and intend to travel across the state for their vacations should try to hit the roads at off-peak hours—before 7 a.m. or after 8 p.m.


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