‘They Put it Where?’ Cardi B Is Baffled as Men Misuse NYX’s Duck Plump Lip Gloss in Super Bowl Ad

Cardi B is shocked—shocked!—that men have co-opted a NYX product and used it in a way that was never intended.

Is she, though?

After all, the rap star might have anticipated some shenanigans from the dudes of the world, given the suggestively over-the-top ad in which she stars for a lip gloss named Duck Plump.

The beauty brand, part of the L’Oreal empire, is trotting out the ridiculous, but not entirely far fetched, scenario of men using Duck Plump to enhance their private parts. The running gag anchors NYX’s first broadcast commercial and first appearance in the Super Bowl, also marking Cardi B’s first beauty alliance.

The spot, called “Lips Only” from McCann New York, will air nationally on TelevisaUnivision. It’s also getting a regional media buy in the country’s top 10 markets during the third quarter of Sunday’s matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.


McCann creatives, aiming to further the fempowerment theme around this year’s Big Game, described the campaign as a rare combo of “a product-centric idea, an already-engaged fan base, Cardi B (a fan of NYX) and a bold, smart and confident brand who understands their community.”

Plus it’s a good way to crash a testosterone-heavy day and announce a new Cherry Spice shade, according to Shayne Millington, the agency’s chief creative officer.

“We felt the Super Bowl was the perfect place to flip the script on what has been a historically male dominated event where women are often the butt of the joke,” Millington told Adweek. “We took this opportunity to womansplain—showing women in powerful positions lightheartedly explaining the misuse of a product.”

Grammy-winning artist Cardi B, in her first beauty collab, stars in NYX’s gleefully suggestive Super Bowl debut ad.

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