These Topics Will Dominate the TV Landscape in 2024, According to 19 Industry Execs

In 2024, the entertainment and media industry is hoping to welcome several new TV bundles of joy.

For Adweek’s year-in-review TV coverage, we asked 19 TV executives and ad sales insiders to explain the TV and streaming topics that will dominate 2024.

From more bundling to a FAST rise in AI and a renewed focus on quality, here are the trends that will break through the TV static in the new year:

Frances Berwick, chairman, NBCUniversal Entertainment: The viewer experience and meeting audiences where they want to be. The focus on content delivery models continues to increase and platform ecosystems like NBCUniversal will continue to redefine how content is consumed seamlessly across linear and streaming. 

Kelly Campbell, president, Peacock and DTC, NBCUniversal: Engagement will continue to be a much-discussed metric in the streaming industry, as advertising-supported direct-to-consumer businesses like ours rely on consistent customer viewership. At Peacock, our priority is deeply understanding our audience to ensure that we bring consumers an experience that brings them in today, and well into the future.

Sean Downey, president, Americas and global partners, Google and YouTube: I see two twin engines of change that will shape the conversations in 2024—the continued evolution of consumer behavior and the incredible power of AI to deliver better experiences for viewers and advertisers.

Craig Erwich, president, Disney Television Group: Audiences will continue to flock to can’t-miss live cultural events on television.

Rita Ferro, global advertising president, Disney: I think effectiveness and the quality of the streaming experience is going to be super important. Effectiveness on the advertising side because you know, with so many options of where customers could spend their money, the ability to really drive outcomes and connect with the consumers that they’re looking for in experiences that are relevant and contextually enhanced with the products and services that they’re on and the platforms that they’re on is really important.

Kathleen Finch, chairman and CEO, U.S. Networks, Warner Bros. Discovery: How to balance content pipelines so that we’re not producing too many series, or too few. The past few years have seen an overabundance of content, not all of it good.

Marianne Gambelli, president of advertising sales, marketing and brand partnerships, Fox Corporation: The media landscape continues to evolve at a lightning-speed pace. It feels like the dominance of SVOD gave way to the meteoric ascent of AVOD and CTV in the blink of an eye. In 2024, the blurring of the lines between linear, digital and streaming will lead to an active period of creative ways of bundling and re-bundling premium video, which will transform the TV industry.

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