There is a big flaw that Apple Maps must fix in order to compete with Google Maps

A few years ago I wrote about the one Apple Maps feature that keeps me favoring the native iOS navigation app over Google Maps. When you need to make a turn, Apple Maps is likely to inform you to “turn right after the second traffic light” as opposed to hearing “In a quarter of a mile, turn right on Main Street.” Everyone is different but personally, I’d prefer to count traffic lights than guess what a quarter of a mile is while trying to read the street sign.
While Apple has added some exciting new features to Maps over the last few years, so has Google. But there is one area where Apple is behind Google Maps and it was mentioned in a post by Redditor Daehtop_Yrrah. The post reads, “A new section of freeway opened near me almost two weeks ago. Apple Maps still doesn’t show it, Google Maps showed it before it was open with ‘Road Closed’ signs. Apple Maps shows the highway ending at this previous endpoint but Google shows it ending at the new interchange. Both maps have a white square in the same location.”
As noted in the Reddit post and Autoevolution, Apple has a problem quickly updating Apple Maps to show newly opened roads. This doesn’t seem to be an issue for Google Maps. There is a way to tell Apple about a new road. You can stick a “pin” in the area on Maps and “report an issue.” Options include adding a new street or reporting “something else.” If you select the latter, you can mention any other issue you might be having with the app
Other Redditors have written about similar circumstances. ” A Reddit subscriber with the user name “Lambor14” posted, “I have faced the same issue. It’s so weird since their road closure data is pretty much always up to date even in the most obscure places, but they can rarely add new roads on time. This is especially crucial in my region as hundreds of kilometers of highways and expressways are opened each year.   I got so frustrated that I went on a huge side quest of reporting every single missing part of the Polish freeway system and each and every small issue I notice in Warsaw. So far Apple has been pretty slow processing the requests, but as long as they add everything in the end I’ll be satisfied.”

Still, most Apple Maps users would prefer that changes to the roadways be made as soon as possible.


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