The Uber for tasks might just be Uber

Uber might be expanding beyond ridesharing and food deliveries. A snippet of code seen by Bloomberg includes a new “Chore” option, which appears to let users hire people through the app for various jobs.

The code suggests that users may be able to hire a worker — reportedly called a “tasker” within the app — for at least one hour, as reported by Bloomberg. In addition to specifying the job they want done, users will also have to state how long it might take and when the worker should show up.

From there, Bloomberg reports that users will have to enter their address, much like on Uber’s food delivery and ridesharing apps. The app will then “determine the cost based on the time required” to complete the job. It’s still not clear what types of jobs users could hire people for, as Bloomberg notes that the code didn’t reveal any examples. The Verge reached out to Uber with a request for more information but didn’t immediately hear back.

However, it’s possible that the tasks could resemble those advertised on sites like TaskRabbit and Angi (formerly Angie’s List), which allow users to hire local workers for things like landscaping, moving services, junk removal, home cleaning, and more. Even if Uber doesn’t end up going through with this feature, it’s still interesting to see the options the company is weighing as it looks to stand out among other ridesharing and delivery services.


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