The Optiq is Cadillac’s new entry-level luxury EV

Cadillac announced a new electric vehicle model called Optiq, which it says will “act as the entry point” for the automaker’s EV lineup in the US. Previously, the $64,000 Cadillac Lyriq was the automaker’s cheapest electric vehicle option, so the Optiq’s price could start in the sub-$60,000 range, although the company has not announced any details in that regard.

As a matter of fact, Cadillac hasn’t provided any details whatsoever, including key specifications like battery range, dimensions, powertrain options like whether it has AWD standard, charging speed, and more. Although unconfirmed, the Optiq is likely built on GM’s Ultium electric vehicle platform. What we do know is it will at least come in an orange color, has frontal design cues from the automaker’s other EVs, including the ultra-luxury Celestiq, and it has nearly flush door handles.

Do the new Cadillac Optiq and Chevy Equinox EV SUVs have something in common?

There’s no clear giveaway in the Optiq pictures that helps compare its size to that of the Lyriq. In terms of the Lyriq’s overall size, it’s between the automaker’s XT5 and XT6 SUVs. The Lyriq’s wheelbase also matches that of the Chevy Blazer EV at 121.8 inches, and both have similar dimensions. We’ll have to wait for a full reveal to know for sure.


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