The Hyper Adventure is Nissan’s latest future EV concept

If your idea of an electric vehicle for the eco-minded outdoor traveler looks like a low-poly spaceship on wheels, then Nissan’s latest concept might be for you. The automaker’s new “Hyper Adventure” is a futuristic SUV that accommodates “the outdoor person’s diverse needs,” including the ability to power campsite equipment and recharge electric Jet Skis using the vehicle’s large battery with vehicle-to-everything, “V2X,” technology.

Nissan didn’t bother to add a pretend battery size and driving range for the Hyper Adventure concept, but it does claim the EV is capable of “months-long” journeys to remote locations with “a good supply of energy.” The vehicle features plenty of interior room to accommodate tents, a kayak, and other gear. It features the automaker’s “e-4ORCE” AWD control that could probably traverse an icy planet and get you back to base.

Inside the cabin, you get screens for the instrument panel, infotainment, and more that span the width of the windshield, and there’s a retractable yoke steering wheel for when you decide to hunker down inside or get work done. There’s a 180-degree rotating bench in the back so you can escape out the back hangar or rest your feet on the motorized retracting steps so you can get your skis or space boots on real quick.

The Nissan Hyper Adventure is the automaker’s second concept designed for Japan’s Mobility Show, kicking off on October 25th. Along with this concept, the automaker’s running a lo-fi beats livestream in the style of Lofi Girl but featuring an influencer named Yuki in 3D form driving through a futuristic urban highway. Really.


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