The Future Of Nismo Includes Electric Cars And Crossovers

Key Takeaways

  • Nismo will grow in the electric era and introduce new models.
  • The performance wing will introduce performance EVs and crossovers, but won’t abandon sports cars.
  • Company executive hints at the Juke and Qashqai receiving the Nismo treatment.

Nismo, the performance wing responsible for blisteringly quick Skyline GT-Rs, will embrace electrification and expand to include new models in the coming years, said a company executive. Francois Bally, Nissan SVP and Chief Planning Officer for the Africa, Middle East, India, Europe, and Oceania regions, announced that the brand will become bigger, reports Drive.

“The Nismo brand, we want to make it bigger, yes. For me, Nismo is the Z, is the GT-R, is the Patrol, is those performance cars. Then you say EV [electric vehicle] and Nismo? I have no issue,” he said while addressing the Australian media. Earlier this year, the automaker revealed the Ariya Nismo, a performance crossover with 429 horsepower, sharper handling characteristics, and sportier styling.

2024 Nissan Ariya

2024 Nissan Ariya





Fuel Economy

City/Hwy: 109/94 mpg

Base Trim Engine


Base Trim Transmission


Base Trim Horsepower

214 hp

Base Trim Torque

221 lb-ft

Base Trim All Electric Range

216 miles

What Does The Future Hold For Nismo?

While the Nismo faithful may scoff at the idea of an electric performance vehicle, the brand must adapt to changing customer needs. But will that dilute Nismo’s image, forged in the ’80s and ’90s and still adored by JDM enthusiasts today? That depends entirely on what Nissan does going forward. We can’t simply have Nismo-badged electric crossovers with aggressive styling and no performance upgrades.

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However, Nissan has shown us it has no intention of going down this route. The Ariya Nismo (in top-spec B9 guise) produces 428 hp, significantly more than the standard model, which has a maximum of 389 hp. Even the Nissan Leaf Nismo received handling upgrades from custom suspension to chassis tuning. However, the miserable 147 hp output remained unchanged.

Nissan Skyline Nismo 3/4 rear view

Performance Crossovers And Speedy EVs In The Pipeline

The Nismo treatment won’t be reserved exclusively for Nissan EVs. Bally said even ICE and hybrid crossovers like the new Qashqai and Juke are in line for a high-end performance variant. “Appetite? Yes. Intention, will? Yes. As a company, you have limited resources, so you’re choosing to electrify the lineup and developing new technologies required so you have the credibility to do those [sporty] cars,” he said.


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While performance crossovers don’t excite most gearheads, they do appeal to mainstream buyers who want something quick, practical, and a little bit different. If these vehicles sell, Nissan gets the funding it needs to develop Nismo-branded sports cars, like the Nissan Z Nismo. “We’re super happy, and we need to continue deploying electrification, building the technical blocks, and then what you say [sports cars] will come.” The next-generation GT-R will likely adopt electrification of some kind, as previewed by the striking Hyper Force concept.


Source: Drive


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