The Development Team: Who it Includes and Whether Universal Specialists are Needed

Small businesses and big brands in today’s digital world require websites, online stores, web applications, and mobile programs to promote their services and products online. To create any IT product, you need a team of developers. These professionals will be able to deal with the issue of making the necessary solutions that will fully comply with the brand ideas and meet users’ needs.

Therefore, today we will tell you about the selection and IT staff augmentation, consider the basis of which the development team should be built, and evaluate the feasibility of hiring universal specialists.

The Development Team: Who it Includes and Whether Universal Specialists are Needed

Who is Part of the IT Development Team?

The composition of your team and its subsequent expansion directly depends on what goals and objectives the business has set for itself.

  • Team lead. Remember to consider the importance of this person. They will be responsible for finding the team, assessing the most critical tasks, coordinating the work, and finding solutions in difficult situations;
  • Backend developers. These specialists develop the internal part of the site or web application. Thanks to them, the administrator panel appears, data is entered into personal user accounts, and so on;
  • Front-end developers. They are responsible for the appearance of the web resource, its design, and interface. Additionally, these specialists ensure the work of each button and link;
  • UX and UI designers. Their task is to create the graphical part and introduce virtual buttons, animations, and illustrations. It allows to make user-friendly interface and to provide a pleasant presence of users on the site;
  • Testers. Upon completion of the main stage of work, these employees will check the finished project for errors. Their task is to ensure the site or application works correctly and that customers will not have any difficulties.

In some cases, the team should include analysts. These people will be intermediaries between the team representatives and your business. They will be able to understand and explain how the IT project should work and what needs to be implemented in it for the company to grow and generate revenue.

Universal Specialists: Do You Need Them?

There is such a category of employees as universalists. It means that they can perform several functions at the same time. In theory, one such person can replace two or more team employees, which we have considered earlier. A generalist can fulfill different roles and many employers and business owners are attracted to this. Hiring a universal specialist is enough for them to perform all tasks and not have to overpay for the services of an entire team or 2-3 people. But it may seem more complex.

Universalists have several advantages:

  • consider all goals comprehensively and perform multiple tasks;
  • quickly find errors and eliminate them;
  • are willing to perform duties of any complexity;
  • potentially require a lower salary than 2-3 specialists.

But there are also significant disadvantages:

  • generalists on IT teams often experience professional burnout;
  • may regularly violate deadlines and fail to follow time-limits;
  • try to do everything at once, causing quality to suffer;
  • demand high salaries.

Usually, universal specialists become a good choice if you need to solve an urgent task and there is no time to search for and assemble a team. But if deadlines are not critical, the best solution is to create a group of IT development specialists. And if necessary, you can continually expand your staff.