The changing data landscape

Webinar Data has never been more valuable, and AI is the tool we use to mine its wealth. To the point where there isn’t a business or government organization which doesn’t seek to increase the information it holds, whether in health, medicine, financial services, energy, or manufacturing for example.

Like gold, data is treasured, protected, and locked away. But the velocity of digital change is driving a need to do more analytics using AI at the edge of the network, ensuring security and compliance in cloud-like deployments with consumption-based pricing regardless of deployment choices. The challenges lie in how the data storage industry should evolve to satisfy those customer needs.

So how might things change by the time we clock into 2030? Watch our riveting webinar with The Reg’s Tim Phillips and Dr James Coomer from DDN to find out.

Tim and Dr Coomer also go on to examine the innovations that will democratize data access, and finally, offer advice on how to navigate this changing landscape.

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