The best Mega Man games, ranked

Capcom has been in the games business almost as long as Nintendo. Despite never getting into the hardware business, it still developed its own mascot of sorts very early on with Mega Man. This little robot boy, known as Rockman in Japan, was one of the most popular and influential series on the NES, spawning a franchise that became famous across the globe. The core series would lead to cartoons, merchandise, and spinoff series, but it all began with the idea of a little blue robot fighting bosses to take their powers. While the series in general has been almost completely dormant since the end of the X series, there have been a few attempts to bring it back into prominence. To date, there are 11 mainline games all following the same formula, but varying wildly in quality. Now that there are two Mega Man Legacy Collections bundling all the games together, we’ve gone back to rank every game in the series from best to worst.

Editors’ Recommendations


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