The best Android app drawer enhancement you’ll ever make – Computerworld

I’m always thinking about ways I can optimize and improve my smartphone setup even further — because Android grants me endless opportunities to do so, and the platform’s community of creative developers embraces that ability and constantly comes out with clever new concepts.

And recently, dear reader, I had a revelation. It’s completely changed the way I use and get around my phone and eliminated tons of inefficiencies. And I’ve got a sneaking suspicion it might just do the same for you.

My Android app drawer epiphany

So first things first: You know about Android launchers, right?

Android launchers are a special category of apps on Android that let you replace your entire home screen environment with a totally different interface. It might be simpler, it might be more customizable, or it might just be a completely different and maybe even unusual kind of concept. There are all sorts of interesting options out there, and the power to choose and find a setup that makes sense for you is entirely in your hands.

For years now, I’ve been partial to a thoughtful and unconventional Android launcher called Niagara Launcher. It’s all about ergonomic efficiency, and I’ve found its model for helping you find what you need quickly and without distractions to be incredibly effective for the way I like to work.

A key part of that comes down to Niagara’s simple vertical lists for opening up apps. Your favorite apps are always in a single column at the left side of your home screen — a spot that’s extremely ergonomic for me, since I tend to hold my phone in my left hand and thus can access all of that easily even during single-handed use — and you then just swipe your finger up or down on either side of your screen to scroll through all of your installed apps whenever you need to find anything else.


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