The Advantages of Tailored Digital Solutions

The Advantages of Tailored Digital Solutions

Based on a Low-Code Platform

Low-code platforms are some of the most popular tools when it comes to app development, because they are flexible, save time and money, are easy to use, and do not require the user to have any coding knowledge.

Such digital solutions based on a low-code business process management (BPM) platform are the result of a spectacular increase in the demand for software in recent years. Because activity flows are different from business to business, they have specific digitalisation needs. A low-code BPM platform is highly effective because it allows the rapid and intuitive development of digital solutions that can be adapted according to the specifics of the business and its activity flows.

One such low-code platform is the optimal tool for creating tailored solutions, through the end-to-end optimisation of business processes, offering the management team of a business the ability to have a transparent and unified image of the company’s activity.

Due to the complexity of their organisation or activity, certain companies require a tailored solution that meets their business objectives.

“Having vast experience in many industries (retail, services, real estate, utilities, production, distribution, food and beverages, agriculture, hospitality), we approach each client by visualising the entire process, from business process reengineering, system analysis, until the final implementation and ongoing support. We are always ready to design the most sophisticated solutions, creating intuitive, user-friendly interfaces,” said Alexandru Radu, Head of Business Growth of business software developer Arggo.

Alexandru Radu added, “Our low-code platform, Timeqode, allows us to create personalised applications by optimising end-to-end business processes. It also offers organisational leaders the opportunity to have a transparent and centralised image of the entire company’s activity.”

Throughout the digitalisation process, a business software development and consulting company offers the necessary low-code tools to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of a business operating in any of the important fields of activity: health, construction sites, banking-financial, legal etc.

It can also assist the end user of tailored digital solutions in their implementation stage and in the subsequent ones that only require maintenance.

Among the Benefits of a Tailored Solution Can Be Counted:

  • Increase in Productivity and Saving Time

Digital monitoring solutions can collect, process, and analyse data with precision, reducing the chances of human error and providing immediate access to up-to-date information. This increases the efficiency of the monitoring process and also enables quick decision-making and proactive actions based on accurate data.

  • Elimination of Printed Documents

By using Timeqode plugins for digital storage solutions, template generators and digital signatures, eliminate printed documents from the workflows of a business.

  • Increasing the Quality of Services and Products Offered By the Company

To use a tailored solution for a certain business, its activity can be significantly increased, leading to an increase in income and productivity.

  • Errors Reduction

Following a standardised process through a digital solution reduces the risk of employees making errors.

  • Intuitiveness

By using modern standards of UI and UX, the communication gap between end customers and business consultants is reduced.

  • Elimination of Repetitive Tasks

Which leads to saving time and generating faster responses on other segments of the business.

Digital solutions developed on a low-code BPM platform can be easily used by start-ups, but also by large enterprises. They are used not only to streamline production processes and workflows, but also to launch new products in a very short time and with minimal resources. By comparison, if a company creates its own IT department, especially for app development, the costs will be higher than if it uses Timeqode platform. In addition, there may be differences of opinion between the supplier and the customer, and they will delay the implementation of the desired solution.

This new generation of low-code platforms is designed to make it easy for people to design, build, and quickly release applications without worrying about programming aspects. Thus, choosing a low-code platform that meets the development needs of a company becomes essential.

For business enquiries, contact Alexandru Radu, Head of Business Growth, at Arggo via email at Telephone: +40740186997, or visit Timeqode website at   

About Arggo

Arggo is a business software development and consulting company that aims to inspire everyone to enhance performance through process improvement and digitalisation.

In an age of constant change, when adaptability is imperative, Arggo provides companies with the tools and knowledge to help them regain their lost time and invest it more wisely.

The company’s long-term vision is to provide “time-as-a-service” through digitalisation processes for companies worldwide, with more than 200 clients from different industries: financial, healthcare, retail, construction, real estate, agriculture, distribution, energy, manufacturing, public sector, and travel.

The company delivers a wide range of digital products and services to customers through digital platforms, cloud-based solutions, and traditional sales and support channels:

  • Direct sales: Arggo sells its products and services directly to customers through its website and sales representatives. This allows customers to receive personalised service and direct support from the company staff.
  • Partners: A network of partners can sell and provide customers with implementation services and support
  • Consulting and Support: Arggo uses an end-to-end approach to add value to every step, from business process reengineering and system analysis to the final implementation and ongoing support. Arggo provides tailor-made industry solutions by blending Dynamics 365, Timeqode, Microsoft 365, Azure, and Business Intelligence with forward-thinking business management and consulting experience.

In its relentless pursuit of customer success, the company seeks to inspire growth and build strong relationships with its clients and partners while committing to meeting their needs and ambitions.

Arggo focuses exclusively on building cutting-edge solutions and delivering high-quality, results-oriented services.

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