Tesla’s fixing recalled Cybertruck pedals with this rivet installation

While Aaron Cash’s video posted to X says it’s a “35 second recall fix,” demonstrated at the “Cyber Takeover” event in Long Beach, the video starts with the required drilling jig already in place.

With it on the pedal, Tesla’s workers drill a hole as specified and install a rivet to secure the pedal pad so it won’t come off due to the “unapproved change” during manufacturing that made it slipperier than intended.

The Service Bulletin posted by Tesla reveals the process has a few other required steps, including measuring “the distance between the bottom of the aluminum accelerator pedal pad and the bottom of the pedal backing” before the work begins. If the bottom of the pad is 5mm or further from the bottom of the pedal, then they’re supposed to replace the entire pedal assembly.

Once it’s all done, they’re supposed to inspect the work with a mirror and clean up any debris the process has left in the customer’s $99,000-plus truck that came with an untrustworthy accelerator pedal.


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