Tesla missed its Q3 target for the Cybertruck delivery event

Tesla didn’t end up holding a delivery event for its Cybertruck in the third quarter of 2023 as CEO Elon Musk had hoped. “We’re anticipating having [a] delivery event, a great delivery event probably in Q3,” Musk said in the company’s April earnings call. “The Cybertruck handover… will hopefully be around the end of Q3 this year,” he added later in the call.

Although Musk’s comments read more as a target than an explicit promise, this is just the latest delay in its introduction of the Cybertruck, which was originally due to start rolling off the assembly line in 2021 when it was announced in 2019. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have paid a roughly $100 refundable deposit to reserve the vehicle. The Wall Street Journal notes that over half a million people had reserved the truck as of 2020, with a more recent estimate pegging the total number of reservations at closer to 2 million. 

Although the quarter came and went without a delivery event, there are increasing signs that one is imminent. Just last week, Electrek reported that Tesla employees have started receiving launch event apparel, and an increasing number of Cybertrucks are being spotted out on public roads following the production of the first Cybertruck at Giga Texas in July.

The truck’s unusual design and construction, which consists of angular stainless steel and that giant singular wipe blade, have been frequently cited as being to blame for its lengthy development. The delays have not just put pressure on Tesla’s existing aging lineup to drive sales but also mean the Cybertruck’s pricing is likely to end up being subject to inflation. The truck had originally been due to start at $39,900 for its entry-level model.

Tesla is due to report its global sales figures for its third quarter later today. Who knows — maybe the company will use it as an opportunity to announce a delivery event.


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