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(Bleecker Street Media)

Oscar-winning actress Ariana Debose offers insight into the physical challenges of bringing the new blockbuster I.S.S. to life – while the cast remained in the studio on terra firma.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Debose revealed how the cast achieved the realistic zero gravity look through inventive use of suspension harnesses.

Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s thriller set aboard the International Space Station is based around a group of US astronaut and Russian cosmonaut scientists, but their orbital peace is shattered by devastating events on Earth.

London’s Science Museum is hosting an exhibition of 23 British-made clocks that were snapped up by Chinese emperors in the 18th Century.

The automated timepieces known as ‘Zimingzhong’, or ‘sing-songs’, were acquired by Qing dynasty rulers, each costing the equivalent of about £350,000 today.

Curator Jane Desborough discusses the ornate timepieces, on-loan from Beijing’s Palace Museum.

The doomed Peregrine lunar lander, a private spacecraft built by US company Astrobotic that blasted off to the Moon last week, is en route to burning up in Earth’s atmosphere within hours.

A fuel leak crippled the spacecraft, and while engineers were able to stabilise it, the leak had caused enough damage to rule out a safe landing on the lunar surface.

Plus, Apple’s pulls two blood-monitor smartwatches after patent case loss, UK virus-finding breakthrough heralds ‘faster pandemic reaction’ and why little dogs ‘outlive larger canines’.

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