Star Trek Enterprise Original Series Set Rebuilt To Perfection, See The Astonishing Results

Cawley built a connection with Theiss during that conversation that led to Theiss sharing fabric samples, color choices, and even a set of blueprints for the entire soundstage with him. Cawley made good use of the blueprints and began construction on his Star Trek replica of the Enterprise in 1996. 

He released his first fan-made Star Trek film on his Enterprise set in 2003 and began a new journey in his life. Cawley played the role of Captain Kirk but with Elvis-inspired hair, as his “day job” was working as an Elvis impersonator. 

Cawley was quoted saying, “People were like, well, why does he have Elvis hair? … And you’d have to explain, well, look, that’s my day job. I’m not getting paid to play Star Trek. Elvis is paying for me to play Star Trek.”


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