Spain to relax airport security rules: New high-tech scanners will make life a lot easier for travellers in these 3 airports

SPAIN’S airports will begin installing new technology this year at security controls to allow the scanning of liquids and electronic devices without passengers having to take them out of their hand luggage.

The X-ray technology known as EDSCB(Explosive Detection System for Cabin Baggage) will generate a 3D image, similar to those used in hospitals for CT scans.

Airport operator Aena will launch the equipment at the country’s busiest airports in 2024, namely Madrid, Barcelona, and Palma.

A key aim is to cut queues at security checks, especially during the summer season.

No dates have been declared for when the changes will take place with Aena planning to roll out the new scanners across its network over the next three years.

Until an airport has announced an upgrade, travellers must still remove all liquids, aerosols and gels- known as LAGs- from hand luggage.

They have to be placed in individual plastic see-through bags before going through the scanner- a policy that was introduced followed the 9/11 New York terror attacks in 2001.

Aena says they will have invested €1.1 billion in airport security check systems in the decade leading up to 2028.



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