SOS focuses on supporting the legal enterprise market

SOS is dedicated to serving the unique requirements of the enterprise legal market, where efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability are imperative for the success of law firms. While cloud-based solutions have gained attention, larger firms demand a more tailored approach to technology due to their complex and specialised requirements.

With over 36 years of experience in the industry, SOS has successfully met the requirements of 150+ employee law firms. This success stems from the software’s outstanding capacity to manage intricate customisation. Through close collaboration with client IT teams, developers, and contracted third-party consultants, SOS empowers law firms to achieve growth and unequalled productivity. It enables them to shape their systems to align precisely with their unique workflows, processes, and business demands.

This high degree of customisation empowers enterprise firms to design workflows tailored precisely to their operational processes. They can individualise the user experience by configuring interfaces, layouts, and dashboards according to individual preferences. From a business perspective, this customisation allows them to adapt to development and changes in strategic direction seamlessly.

Joseph Sanderson, CEO of SOS, acknowledges the distinct requirements of enterprise firms operating across diverse practice areas, client bases, and authorities. He emphasises that SOS’s fully customisable software is essential for improving firm efficiency, delivering exceptional service, and maintaining a competitive edge in the evolving legal landscape.

Mr. Sanderson further states:

“This is why we are making significant investments in expanding our support for our Connect solution, to meet the ongoing demands of our many users within enterprise practices.”

In addition to offering regular in-person sessions to optimise the system’s usage for enterprise clients, SOS has extended its phone and email support hours. They have also enhanced their learning webinar series and, in the coming months, will introduce online chat and an online help directory. These resources will provide clients with instant and continuous access to expert advice. Furthermore, SOS will establish a forum for primary users to share their perspectives on future product enhancements and development.

Marc Beale, Operations Manager at SOS, emphasises:

“Our commitment to supporting enterprise clients is unwavering and remains our top priority. We are expanding our client-facing departments and resources to consistently deliver the premium level of service that software users have come to expect. For more information on how SOS is supporting enterprise law firms visit soslegal.co.uk

About SOS Software

SOS Legal specialises in cutting-edge legal practice management software. Our flagship solution, SOS Connect, redefines efficiency and adaptability for large law firms across the UK. With unparalleled flexibility, our scalable software streamlines operations, fosters collaboration, ensures accuracy, and guarantees compliance, catering to firms with 150+ staff for seamless scaling and change management.

 Our dedicated focus on software development, training, and support is backed by a seasoned team consisting of developers, testers, trainers, client success consultants, and implementers—all committed to maximising your software experience and enhancing your ROI. For more information visit soslegal.co.uk

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