Smash hit Balatro is coming to iPhone and Android

The game originally shipped for consoles and Windows PCs — and was briefly banned from some storefronts over a ratings mistake. It’s back, and there’s also now a MacOS port that you can access by buying the game on Steam.

The full Reddit AMA has loads of insight into Balatro’s development process, including their biggest influence (Luck Be a Landlord), and how they intentionally didn’t play Slay the Spire or other popular roguelike deckbuilders during early development to avoid cribbing from them. Here’s a handy AMA transcript that Redditor u/averysillyman put together.

LocalThunk also says they plan to update the game, making balance changes and possibly adding new jokers, and publisher Playstack says it’s currently looking into merch options — including physical decks of Balatro cards.

There’s no release date for iPhone or Android ports yet; iMore asked LocalThunk, but no dice. Do watch out: there’s already one “Balatro Poker” on the App Store, and it’s not the game you’re looking for.


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